Vietnam..I love you..


It’s been a while since my last post in my blog,
Yes I have been quite busy, but I’m so overwhelmed by the experience of be able to help as interpreter for the Vietnam Class 1 in Proskuneo.

I never thought of that before, I knew so little about the country, I only watched movies about vietnam war, never ate Vietnam food and have just tasted their coffee in these couple of weeks ( and I’m telling you, drinking Indonesian coffee will never be the same again because the Vietnam coffee is just sooo good!)

I can not tell in a long description of how i felt in the last couple of weeks, just my heart so filled with mercy, joy, and so honoured that I can be just a small help, I’m not perfect in translating, especially it’s been a year after my last ‘duty’ to translate from Indonesia to English. It’s all because of God’s grace.

And at the first week one Grandpa told me about ‘Mai’ , that resembles to my name ‘Maya’. He said that my name reminds him of a flower that only bloom in spring and at the Vietnam new year (Tet). The Vietnamese use to decorate their houses, their streets, and have the festival of flowers ‘Mai Tet’ in the new year. I was amazed by his sayings to me, and found out how beautiful the flower is make my heart moved. It’s been an amazing three weeks and how I am so blessed by their coming here.

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